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 Instrument Hire

Our instrument hire scheme is a great way for students to access superb quality, professionally set up, tone adjusted instruments without committing to purchasing an instrument outright for an affordable and manageable monthly cost. 

This scheme is ideal for students who are starting out or progressing on a stringed instrument who want to play an advanced instrument, or for parents who might not be sure if their child will fully commit to playing a stringed instrument. 


The benefits of hiring an instrument from UK Vioilns is that we professionally set up and maintain our hire instruments, providing the same high class set up and fittings as on our professional grade, antique instruments. 


This is a great and cost effective alternative to purchasing a cheap, horrendously set up modern instrument most commonly found online by certain retailers who don't specialise in strings, (we wont mention names!).


We find that young students progress faster, make a better tone and find playing a stringed instrument far more enjoyable and easier on one that's been professionally set up with correct string heights, fitted pegs and levelled fingerboards. 

Hire prices start from: 

Violin £30 per month plus VAT 

Viola £40 per month plus VAT 

Cello £please get in touch to discuss options 

Instruments are available as outfits including a case, a bow and rosin.



Please get in touch for more details including our terms and conditions. 

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